A Colder War

Entry 28: Jack’s First Love and the Motivations of the DoomBringer

Entry 28: Jack’s First Love and the Motivations of the DoomBringer

- After the excitement within the Lower Menthes neighborhood I have clandestinely followed Jack and the Orc to a position much higher in the city. As I have walked through the crowds I have heard tell of the destruction of the guard tower and several other buildings within the Lower Menthes plaza. The rumors have spread very quickly, and I must ask myself are they true or just exaggeration. I must investigate when all of this trouble is over.
- Lord Gut has rejoined Jack and the Orc, melting out of the crowd to appear before them. After a playful chide by Jack and some small discussion I cannot make out the three men continue on through the city.
- The three have made there way into a upper crest Halfling neighborhood I have never been to before. They have knocked on a door. A fetching ginger Halfling has answered. I must get closer so that I can hear what they say.
- It seems Jack knows this woman. I hear talk of love past and coin due with interest. Is this comely Halfling some prostitute? No. It seems she is an old love of Jack’s. His first contact in the city.
- Jack pleads with the woman to let him in. To hide him in his time of need. She refuses demanding that first he pay her the coin he owe.
- The Orc produces some coin. His gesture is crude and simple but noble for such a basic creature.
- They have entered. I will approach and knock.
- I was admitted after I explained to the Halfling woman – Lucile is her name – that I was part of Captain Jack’s party. This did not seem to endure me to her. I am curious what past the two share.
- As we sit around the fire in the lovely Halfling parlor the chaps begin discussing the Emerald Claw. I will take this moment to jot down what I have shared with them.
- The Emerald Claw is a quite nasty religious organization from Karrnath. During the war they acted as the secret police and shock troops for Karrnath. They introduced the use of undead as soldiers and volunteered many necromages into the service of the army. After the war they wasted little time using their sway throughout every rung of the social and military order to enact a coup removing King Kaius I and putting in place their own figurehead. (For more see Wiki and Lure Spouted Notes)
- After I explained the state in which Karrnath currently finds itself Lord Gut chimed in. He told us of his true intentions here in the city of Sharn. It would seem that the Emerald Claw is in league with the cult of death known as the Blood of Vol. This cult is a common feature of cities all across the continent. I have even met practitioners in my homeland of Eldeen Reaches. But here in Sharn they have aspirations to become the national religion it seems. With the help of Karrnath they would overthrow the ruling powers of Sharn and Breland. That is why they were with the guard that is why they pursue Lord Gut. Because he plans to stop them.
- The DoomBringer has told us of a power hungry priestess who has used many names but now goes by Lady Demise. She is a woman of great power in the city and likely hides within the aristocracy.
- Lord Gut has shared his plans to destroy the rising power of the Blood of Vol in order to ask us to join him. In complete agreement Jack, and the Orc have set their minds to the DoomBringers mission. The three of them shall overthrow this Lady Demise for the citizens of Sharn and for Breland, and I shall help in what little ways I can as well. Stay tuned, dear reader, for more adventure and the fate of the capital city is to come.
- After an evening in the Halfling Lucile’s parlor Jack has somehow secured us stay for the next few days. The chaps need to lay low while the heat from their current ordeal burns down to embers. I on the other hand have no need to hide and must visit my local contacts to start pitching my story about the Emerald Claw and the corruption of the Guard. I also must Try to find a new publisher for my current book “The Hero Jack Tobias”.

- I had a little luck with publishers today and have heard of the great destruction in Lower Menthes. It seems that the fire in the shrine Lord Gut’s servant set spread quickly to consume most of the plaza. Several civilians died and over three dozen guards joined them. Dozens more were injured or maimed. It is truly sad what these destructive acts have wrought but remember, dear reader, that it was the corrupt guard that caused such destruction not our heroes.
- I have spoken to Jack about his old flame, Lucile, and I have interviewed the comely Halfling as well. The story they tell is sometimes tender sometimes tragic as young love so often is.
- When Jack was sixteen he left his life in the circus in central Breland and he jumped a train to the city. I have gone into much detail about this in previous writing so I will spare you the details of that trying time in his life.
- Once in the city Jack had nowhere to go. He wondered the city awhile until he grew sad and longed for a drink to ease his troubled mind. He entered the nearest pub and earned himself a pitcher with his wit and his acrobatic tricks.
- After he was well into his cups, happily entertaining the patrons of the pub, a young girl approached him and struck up a conversation. She was a beautiful young lass or at least he though she was. Truly Lucile was already 20 years of age and living successfully on her own at that point. She had seen the drunken Jack dancing for his dinner, she had heard his sad story of the homeless lad raised in the circus with no real family, and she had studied his handsome features and fell for them. She took pity on young Jack and offered him a place to stay.
- For weeks the two did not leave her home. They lived in bed never seeing the light of day, but eventually Jack began to sober from his weeks long haze and realized that Lucile was not a young girl but a Halfling. This did not change the mind of the noble Jack Tobias for he does not see race or creed only beauty, and the lovely Lucile is nothing if not beautiful.
- Jack began to long to see more of the world. Lucile wanted only to keep her love with her forever more. Jack began to believe that Lucile had taken advantage of him and he began to pull away.
- On night after a fight that ended in Lucile locking herself in her bedroom Jack took a purse of coins and went out into the night in search of a pub. He found instead his destiny. That night at the pub a wily recruiter signed Jack into the service of Breland and he was wisped away to an army barracks to begin his training. Breland had shanghaied him as they did so may youths of his generation, and young Jack had never had the chance to say goodbye to his love Lucile or even to return her coin. A tragic story, I know, but this is the type of sorted affair that has shaped our complicated hero. Jack Tobias is a human, a man like so many others, yet there is none quite like he. The daring acrobat, the man of great insight. Sometimes a fool, sometimes a wise man. But ever the Hero Jack Tobias.

- *EDIT This morning I have gone shopping with the Orc and helped the poor retch purchase a suit of armor that might keep him from succumbing to his suicidal nature.
- Speaking with Jack, I have just been notified of his mighty steed Steve. I have yet to meet the noble creature but am told he is being stabled at the edge of the city in case we need to make an escape. I had no idea the captain could ride such a mighty battle steed, for I have ever seen him behind the helm of his air ships. Yet I am not surprised that such a noble soul would possess the skill of a noble upon horseback.
- This evening it seems that our stay with the lovely Lucile is drawing to an end. She seems to be growing tired of our company and it would be impolite to continue to encroach on her hospitality.

- In my quest for a ward of protection for my notes, I have met a young woman named Janae. She is a half elf of much beauty and intelligence. She is a researcher at Morgrave University. She seems overlooked by the faculty there, but her knowledge and beauty is a testament to the greatness of ancient institution. The dark god Darguun is her research specialty but she has a mind for much esoterica.
- In our conversations we have visited the topic of the Blood of Vol cult and its influence and history within the city. Excitedly Janae has invited Lord Gut the DoomBringer along with those who would help him to come and speak with her.

- After an unpleasant night preparing to leave Lucile’s under her agitated gaze, the fellows and I have carried ourselves and our gear out into the world to find more adventure. We have headed to Morgrave to visit the lovely Janae.
- Upon being admitted into Janae’s study we find ourselves in the room with the bookish beauty and two others: a dark-skinned elven woman and a man with a skull tattooed obscuring much of his face. The latter seems to serve the former but it is unclear why they are here.



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