A Colder War

Entry 27: More Drunken Foolishness in the Grand City of Sharn

Entry 27: More Drunken Foolishness in the Grand City of Sharn

Captain Jack and the Orc’s Drunken buffoonery has caused more strife.

The three of us went out on the town; Jack and the Orc in celebration of Jack’s recent poker winnings, and myself as the observer of their adventures.

Lord Gut joined us in the tavern. He emerged from the shadows and allowed me to question him. I find the man and his mysterious past quite intriguing.

Just as the self-styled “Doombringer” was beginning to open up about future plans, the Orc casually murdered yet another city guardsman. It is not uncommon for the fowl beast to let his temper get the best of him.

Of course, the lovable Captain Tabias did his best to calm the situation. He even offered to make things right with his winnings. Unfortunately, he could not produce the money, for he and the Orc had spent it all on drink. It was too late for calm words, as more city guard arrived and nothing could be done.

The two decided to flee and, luckily for them, Lord Gut’s magical assistant had somehow procured a nobleman’s skiff. Seeing that Lord Gut was to join the others I too tagged along hoping to capture the adventure.

Jack, in daring fashion, piloted the flying skiff onto its side to fit through a small gap in an attempt to escape the pressuring guards and their large floating boats.

Oh my, we have lost Lord Gut. Against my pleading that we make good our escape, Captain Tobias Is swooping back to pick him up.

Jack’s piloting and – not to toot my own trumpet, but – my strong words of encouragement have allowedd the Orc the strength and positioning to grip Lord Gut and pull him back aboard.

The daring Jack is now piloting us straight up into the air.
*EDIT Just after Lord Gut was safely back aboard the drunken Orc convinced Captain Tobias to – as he put it – “Do a barrel roll.” This maneuver caught both Lord Gut and myself unprepared and we both flipped over the edge.
*EDIT The Orc “saved us” but then immediately leaped off of the skiff to attack the guard cruiser below, taking us with him. How this foolish beast has survived so long I am not sure, but I do not want his foolish antics to be the death of me. This I can tell you.

We landed on the roof of the guardsmen’s boat awkwardly. Lord Gut and myself have stayed atop but the Orc has fallen over.

Just now the Orc has somehow made his way into the cabin of the cruiser and is using his brutish nature against the authorities.

Oh, and yes! Now I can see that above us Captain Tobias is lining up a strafing run. We are saved!

Lord Gut has daringly thrown himself into the fray below. He would aid the Orc, though I doubt the beast would return the favor.

I took a peek inside at the melee and saw something most unusual. Alongside the officers of the law are two armored knights of the Karrnath Emerald Claw. They clearly display the hooked hand about a emerald globe upon their surcoats. I know from experience that these two must be undead. They are probably little more then rotted skeletons within their fancy armor. Not unlike Lord Guts assistant, who even now fights beside him.

As I looked inside, Captain Tobias has collided with us pushing us down just in time to miss a bridge. He has saved the day in dashing fashion as he so often does.

The Orc is a fearsome beast. I regret to say that he has murdered more city guards.
Lord Gut has out maneuvered the two undead mystery knights. Why are the Sharn city guard in leage with these evil creatures? There is no doubt in my mind it is in connection with the doombringer, but why do they seek him? I will need to get to the bottom of this, and soon enough I will let every citizen know just how corrupt their guard is.

The Orc continues to murder. I am sure, readers, that you are very used to such evil tales about the creature, but I can say that it still sickens me to see him treat the authorities so.

The brave Captain Jack has flipped over the side to help his loathsome orc, but in the confusion an arrow has struck him. Oh no, what will our hero do now?

While all were distracted by the Captain’s entrance, Lord Gut has shot one of the revenant knights with his bow.
In my bravest voice I shout down at the lads to bolster their bolts and fight the good fight against the Emerald Claws and the corrupt guardsmen that serve them.

Jack is now fully engaged in a struggle to take control of the cruiser.

While distracted by the battle within, I have been thoroughly shot through with an arrow that came from another cruiser hot in pursuit. Blood is everywhere, but I have saved this document from slipping over the edge. If I die at least the truth will live on.

As I lie dying I look over the side to see the Orc launch one of the Revanant knights into the abyss.

I have pulled myself to a position where I can better watch the action. Within, Lord Gut has distracted the guardsman who was fighting with Jack for control of the boat.

Meanwhile Jack uses his charisma to distract the man and make him truly focus on Lord Gut.

I have seen Lord Gut use his eerie persona to strike fear into the guard, for he is gripped in horror. A pitiful victim of Lord Guts Ethereal Chill.
*EDIT At this point Captain Jack Pulled the airbrake. In my weakened state I was unable to do anything more then grab hold of my notes and tumble over the side.
*EDIT Within I am told that Lord Gut took hold of the fearful guardsman as they free floated and took from him his talisman of floating. Then the poor man was grabbed up by the monstrous Orc. Though the creature was secure within the boat he decided to take his chances outside of it.
*EDIT I fell swiftly to my doom to my great woe, but in his majestic benevolence Lord Gut rescued me and used the talisman of floating to land us both atop a roof.
*EDIT Meanwhile the Orc murdered yet another guard by taking the poor, terror struck lad along as he tried to commit suicide by abrupt stop. The aftermath was gruesome yet somehow the brute still lives.
The three of us, Lord Gut, The nefarious Orc, and myself have now been separated from the brave Captain Jack and the airboat. But we are together and marshaling our retreat before the authorities come down on us again.



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