The Continent of Khorvaire

The second largest continent on Eberron, and by far the most heavily populated, is the continent of Khorvaire. The landscape of Khorvaire varies greatly, from stark wasteland and forbidding mountains in the north to deserts and poisonous jungles in the south, with everything in between. After the mighty Dhakaani Empire, a wide spread and advanced society of goblinoids, fell to external threats roughly 2000 years ago, human settlers from distant Riedra found ideal conditions for their young civilization to grow.

By far the most developed and sophisticated lands of Khorvaire today are those of the 5 Nations: Breland, Aundair, Thrane, Karrnath, and the Mournland where once fair Cyre thrived. Remnants of the unified human Empire of Galifar, the different regions of the Empire fell into a century-long civil war over the matter of succession which ended two years ago with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold. This established the borders and sovereignties of the states that emerged during the war that all involved continue to bicker over.

Signatories of the Treaty beyond the human nations include:

  • The Gnomish nation of Zilargo, close allies with Breland.
  • The self-proclaimed heirs of the Dhakaani Empire, Darguun.
  • The vast stretch of steppes and prairie, home to the nomadic halfling culture, known as the Talenta Plains.
  • The untamed wilds of the Eldeen Reaches, who seceded from Breland during the war.
  • The confederacy of Minotaur, Orcish, Medusa, and Night Hag warlords known as Droaam.
    *The supposed ancestral lands of the Valenar Elves, stolen from Cyre during the war.