A Colder War

Entry 27: More Drunken Foolishness in the Grand City of Sharn (Continued)

Entry 27: More Drunken Foolishness in the Grand City of Sharn (Continued)

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- At this point the three of us took a moment to decide the best plan of action.
- Lord Gut swiftly donned what was left of the dead guardsman’s outfit. He somehow, perhaps magically, transformed in such a way that almost fools me.
- The Orc helped remove the blood and gore on the guardsman’s uniform. It was truly disgusting to witness the foul beast dispose of his victim in such a way. I had to step away dear readers. I am not ashamed to say that the disgusting scene made me vomit.
- As I stood aside in the shadows trying to gather myself after the brutality I had just witnessed and the arrow that still protruded from my shoulder, several guardsmen repelled onto the roof. Perhaps they had come from the pursuing boat, or perhaps from another nearby roof. It was not clear for I ducked into hiding.
- As I hid watching the DoomBringer enacted his plan, he somehow fooled the guards into believing he was one of them. I looked about but did not see his servant who had only moments before been near.
- Despite the bloody proof of the beast’s brutality that still stained the roof and the clothing that Lord Gut had donned the beguiled guardsmen believed that the disguised DoomBringer had single handedly captured the creature. I attribute it to the great wit of Lord Gut. He is a wily man.
- *EDIT Meanwhile Captain Jack still piloted the stolen cruiser. As he somehow miraculously pulled it out of the nosedive, he noticed that above him the other guard cruiser was still in furious pursuit. No one was nearby to hear but I can only imagine Captain Jack laughing aloud at the danger he faced.
- As Lord Gut and the three guardsmen marched the Orc down to street level and to the nearest guard tower I shuffled from roof to roof in pursuit, the best that I could in my injured state.
- *EDIT Meanwhile Captain Jack looped back around while losing his pursuers. He had seen the commotion on the roof and he knew where the guard would be taking the Orc. He has relayed to me that once he used a similar ploy with the Orc as mock prisoner. It did not end well in his telling and so he feared the same would happen in this instance.
- *EDIT As he rushed to our rescue he looked back to scan for the other guard boat. He did not see it but instead he saw that his cruiser was ablaze. Yet he did not worry, for the Hero Jack Tobias never worries.
- The DoomBringer and the Orc made there way into a large plaza surrounded by multilevel walkways that stretched up and down the tenements and market buildings about the plaza. At the far side of the plaza stood the guard tower adorned with the emblems of their order. I knew instantly where we were. This was the center of the Lower Menthes neighborhood.
- I could see that Lord Gut attempted to stall them as they headed for the tower. I found a place three stories up along a walkway and watched as he slowed their progress. I took the opportunity to set down my notes and take care of the arrow that perturbed from my shoulder. I had seen many men dress their own wounds across the battlefields of Aundair and eastern Breland but I had never had to do it myself. I broke the head off of the arrow leaving the shaft sticking out just enough to grip when I could later remove it. I made a makeshift bandage and wrapped my shoulder to stanch the bleeding. Then I heard a commotion overhead and scrambled for my notes.
- *EDIT As Captain Jack neared the plaza he realized that he had lost most of the steering of his boat. The guard cruiser was still nowhere to be seen but he still had problems. His boat was going up fast and the flames were now within the rearmost section of the cabin. The boat was beginning to crumble as the Plaza finally came into view.
- *EDIT As he came around a tall tower he saw that above the plaza floated the other cruiser, but he could do nothing to avoid it. The cruisers smashed together in a horrific light show. Together they smashed into the guard tower sending stone and guardsmen raining to the street.
- *EDIT Captain Tobias somehow leaped free of the wreckage, and in an acrobatic feat used the towers and walkways to descend to the street unharmed. He landed just at the feet of the party that surrounded the Orc. I later asked him what thoughts rushed through his mind at that moment. Dear reader you may think that he was feeling triumph and pride as he had every right to in a moment like that one, but he told me that he felt regret. Regret for the lives of the guardsmen that were lost. Regret for the destruction he had wrought.
- *EDIT Consider this, dear reader: Was it the fault of Jack Tobias that the Sharn City Guard in their pervasive corruption allowed the Emerald Claw to use there men and boats in pursuit of Lord Gut and whoever might be with him. Perhaps you might blame the Orc, and sure he has committed enough crimes and murders in this story alone to deserve the justice of Sharn to descend upon him, but ask yourself why it was that the guard provoked him in the first place. It is well known that he has a temper. It is well known the deeds and exploits of Jack Tobias and his Orc and the respect the Captain garnishes from all those about the city, be they guard or civilian. Yet on that night the guard treated Jack and his brutish companion as if they were nothing more then common rogues. It must be that someone of power does not want the great Jack Tobias associated with the causes of Lord Gut the DoomBringer. It must be that the corruption of the guard is even more pervasive then once believed.
- Just then, as Jack landed before them, Lord Gut released the bonds that held the Orc. The beast unleashed his rage upon the nearby guards in a fearsome roar.
- Lord Gut stepped out of the group of guards and drew his small crossbow.
- One of the guards jumped onto the Orc and pinned his sword arm in place. As the Orc struggled against him the guard plunged his sword into the beast’s side. Seeing the fury in the monster’s eyes the guardsman leaped back to free himself of the Orc.
- Meanwhile Captain Jack swept the legs from beneath a nearby guard and incapacitated him.
- During this Lord Gut lay down covering fire but did not make any direct hits.
- In fury the Orc charged his opponent and smashed him through a nearby wall.
- At that point I moved down the walkway to get a look within the building. Within was a shrine to Onatar the fire god. The Idol had been knocked over and fallen into the eternal flame below the altar. Flames leaped in angry wisps nearby as the Orc bit a large chunk out of his victim. The man screamed in horror as blood gushed from his wound.
- What came next I am tempted not to write here, but I must to illustrate the brutality of the beastly Orc. Dear readers this is not for those of weak stomach. I myself nearly vomited once more upon witnessing this scene. The Orc proved that his brutality has no bounds as he ripped the head from the still breathing guardsman and tossed it into the street with a bloody roar. It bounced to a stop at the foot of the final guard who took that as his cue to flee screaming into the night.
- The denizens of the neighborhood began to stir awake during the brief moments of the battle I have just described. Wailing and shouts came from the guard tower as more of it crumbled away. Heads poked out of darkened windows to get a glimpse of what the awful commotion was outside.
- Several guards and a few women came bursting out of the doors of the guard tower completely oblivious to the freshly ended battle. Before them in the street was the rubble of the tower and the bodies of those who had fallen to their deaths.
- Lord Gut took that moment to make a distraction. He sent his servant into the shrine on a mission to help the fire spread. The shrine burst into flames consuming the poor servant as it did. Perhaps it was the anger of the fire god that consumed the lowly ethereal servant or perhaps only bad luck but whatever it was his mission was a success.
- The chaps used the distraction to try to bust down an iron door that led into the sewer. Meanwhile I made my way down a level and nearer to the action.
- I witnessed the Orc try to slam through the sewer door, but even his monstrous strength could not budge the stout iron door.
- It seems that the denizens of the plaza are now fully aware of the commotion and who caused it.
- Oh bother the lads have fled afoot down an alley. I must follow them atop the roofs.
- I have seen Lord Gut leap from a ledge to float away from Jack and his Orc. I suppose they have decided to split up and meet back up later.
- After much running and scrambling Jack and his Orc have come to the edge of a magical enclosure that holds a great herd of zephyralos (the staple cattle of Sharn). Jack goes within a small shack that butts up against the enclosure.
- Whatever is happening inside must be very strange indeed. I have seen the Orc make an expression of puzzled disgust that I have never witnessed on the simple beast before.
- Oh my, dear reader. I have moved to get a look within and what I have seen. It is not to be written here. I am sorry my readers, but decency demands I keep my silence.
- After a strange confrontation Jack and the Orc have somehow released the magical beasts in an aerial stampede. A large bearlike man with a bushy white beard comes forth from the shack screaming obscenities as Jack and the Orc flee in comic fashion.
- Into the night our hero vanishes as the neighborhood of Lower Menthes descends into chaos. Perhaps some of you believe it Jack’s fault, but remember that if he had not taken the actions he did then perhaps now he would lay dead a victim of the Emerald Claw and the guard they use as their cats paw. The death of those guards within the tower and those dispatched by Captain Tobias and his companions are casualties of a private war. A war waged against Lord Gut by the Emerald Claw and whoever in the city is supporting them. Jack Tobias can only follow his impeccable instincts. And on this night his instincts told him that if he and Lord Gut did not survive then some great enemy to the people of Sharn would have won, and they would have used their victory to garnish even more power over the many.
- Yet the good captain regrets the deaths of his enemies, for he is a complex man. A man of subtle emotion. A man of both Humility and Pride. On a night that started in celebration and carousing the true dignity of the hero has shined through. The enemy of Sharn has revealed one of its slimy tentacles and Jack Tobias has severed that evil appendage. Only the future will expose who is behind this evil, but stay tuned, dear reader, as our hero discovers the truth.



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